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Passive Income is money you earn without a lot of day-to-day effort for each asset. There are hundreds of types of passive income and many of them everyone on earth can tap into. You only need to know how!

Here at Upright Passive Income we have the the mission to see as many people who are called to work for themselves to achieve that goal. The best practice for earning longterm, stable income is by earning it ethically, thus the term upright.

Passive income is a term that has been used for a long time in the financial industry. Today, passive income has been updated to mean: becoming an entrepreneur. Better said, you can use these practices to work for yourself!

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There are tons of passive income related how-to sites out there. At Upright Passive Income we are dedicated to doing things the right, longterm way. All of our advice is directed by ideas and ideology with Biblical underpinnings. You do not need to be a Christian to consume our content. You will find some of our examples tend to be shaped toward the Christian entrepreneur. Our team is made up of Christ Followers and so are many of our clients. However, we are glad to serve any and everyone.

Some of the main and most important forms of passive income are: self published books, website creation, affiliate marketing and video marketing. Pour over the site and take what is best for you. Some of you are highly graphically oriented people. Writing books may bore you to tears. Others may be more numbers people and the idea of selling t-shirt designs is ridiculous. Everyone should go their own way. There is something here for everybody!

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