Successful business leaders plan, understand their purpose and then they perform by powering down on their objective. You need a plan, must understand the reason for the plan and then execute on that plan. Success comes through this sequence. You must have all three to be successful consistently.

It’s fascinating to watch roofers work. You can leave in the morning and a large apartment complex roof has been ripped apart leaving the bare fiberboard. By the time you roll back by at mid day for lunch you find that roof has been completely replaced. There was little evidence that the roofing company had been there. The roof now has all new, ten year shingles. If you examine what makes this roofing company effective you can use it in your business life to become successful at whatever you do as well.

First, you must have a plan. Planning means that you have chosen an objective and have ordered steps to implement your vision. Planning assumes that you have either done this type of work before or have adequate research to justify the order of each individual step. A good plan is critical to being successful. There is no way around it. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

Second you have to affirm your purpose with those with whom you work. When the roofer arrives on site and is asked to move ten loads of shingles into ten different places on the roof their knowing that those shingles are in place to make the rest of the workday easier is critical to their helping in a timely fashion. If they are unaware of why they are moving heavy shingle bags into place they will not be as motivated. As much as you are able, bring your employees and helpers up to speed as to why they are doing what you are asking. If they buy in to your vision they will work harder and be more precise. It’s human nature. It’s called good leadership.

Last, you have to perform. You have to power down after having formed a good plan, affirmed the purpose and hit the pavement. You have to take the roofing shingles out of their bags and hammer them into rows on the roof. In business you have to work hard. There is a time for planning, but your performance should take the lion’s share of your time. If you spend too much time planning and leave little for implementation you will never grow. Make certain you put tire to pavement as much as you can. They say that the hardest thing in business can be shipping. Make sure you ship and you ship often. It’s only when you ship that you get paid. You can always correct your process along the way.

Do your best to implement the three hidden P’s in the word success: Plan, Purpose and Perform. Spend most of your time performing. Your plan should be easy enough to understand that you can affirm purpose effectively in your team. It is then your job as a company to perform at a high level and perform often. You can do this!