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Website Development

If you are busy at your 9-5 job and want help getting your passive income website off the ground, look no further. At Upright Passive Income we build websites. We utilize WordPress as your site’s backbone. WordPress is the best tool on the market today for those who want professional customization without the headache of being a line-by-line coder. We set up your professional, monetized site and then give you control. You add your special touch that makes your particular niche or authority site zing! For more, send us an email with what you’d like to build. We will give you a quote. Our pricing is affordable because we know many of our clients are just starting out. Cash is tight. We get it. Email us:

Publishing Your Book

Do you have a book ready to be self published? We know how to get your book on Amazon! We offer a variety of services that include book preparation in print (physical copy) and ebook (like on Kindle). We work with you on cover design, interior design, marketing and more. You retain ALL the rights to your book. Our job is to get you from manuscript to paycheck. Our services help you get your book into stores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks (Apple) and more. Send us an email with what you’d like to accomplish. We will work with you on price. We know first and second authors are strapped for cash. You don’t get an advance check like the big time authors, right?! Email us:

PROMOTION: We are discounting two services right now. We would be glad to review your book cover and book title for $49 (Reg. $99). Your book cover design and title are the top two advertising and searchable ways to sell more of your books. Let us look over what you’ve done before or after you’ve released your book. We will offer either a thumbs up or helpful suggestions to make your book shine. Email us to get started:


Want to do everything youself? We completely get that! We started there ourselves! The best thing you can do is get a coach to help you avoid unneccasry mistakes. We offer a variety of coaching services. If you are an author, want to build your own website or are simply looking to understand the other ways to make money online, send us an email. We can help you determine your next best step. We won’t charge you an arm and a leg because that’s gross. Email us: